Coming soon

I'm preparing of going open source with my little game project, which I want to publish under the MIT license. It's a game server implementation (some people would call it an emulator) of a MMORPG, called MU Online. I'm working on this project since over 6 years now as my personal pet project. In all this years I learned a lot about developing software and tried a lot of new fancy frameworks and techniques to test how this stuff can work in the real world.

The project is mainly written in C# with the help of Visual Studio 2015 and targets .NET 4.6. The long term goal is to be able to run it on .NET Core. Additionally, it uses PostgreSQL as a database with Entity Framework Core as ORM.

I want to give you an insight of the experiences made during development of the project. E.g. what did work and what didn't and why.