Welcome to the blog :)

I open sourced my little game project. It's a game server implementation (some people would call it an emulator) of a MMORPG, called MU Online. I'm working on this project since 2009~2010 as my personal pet project. In all this years I learned a lot about developing software and tried a lot of new fancy frameworks and techniques to test how this stuff can work in the real world.

I created a GitHub organization and a repository for this purpose.

It seems that this task is so big, that it can't be finished by one person. I hope to get some valuable contributions from the community, making this project to a serious, legal and totally open alternative to the existing MU Online private (or should I say pirate?) server software which consists mainly of decompiled code of original software of Webzen.

The current state of the project is already pretty far, so it should be possible to gain enough traction for external contributions.

I want to give you an insight of the experiences made during development of the project. E.g. what did work and what didn't and why.