ChatServer v.0.1.4

Today I decided to add a new release for the ChatServer (ExDbConnector). With the feedback of a RaGEZONE user we managed to get it actually working with a real season 6 game server :)

It's always a satisfaction when you get something working, especially if you're the first. Over the last years there wasn't even one guy releasing a working selfmade MU Online ChatServer, not even a closed source one.

The Readme-File contains all descriptions about the protocol messages between the ExDB-Server and the ChatServer. I think the protocol should be easy to implement for those who use the eDataServer instead of the ExDb-Server, which doesn't seem to have it implemented in all available sources.

As always, if you find any bugs, please let them know. Preferably create a GitHub issue, but you can also leave a comment here or at the RaGEZONE-thread. If you do that, please include a detailed error description as I can't help when you just write something like "this doesn't work".

RaGEZONE: [MUnique] OpenMU ChatServer
Source and Documentation: GitHub Source
Compiled Binaries: GitHub Release of v0.1.4