Chat Server v0.1.0-alpha

Today I release a spin-off project of OpenMU. It uses the ChatServer and it's dependencies of OpenMU, but additionally I wrote an adapter to connect it to a non-OpenMU ExDB-Server. So you can use this as a complete replacement of the original Webzen ChatServer.

A lot of server owners can't get the original ChatServer working properly. The reason is, that it needs to use the right 32-byte XOR-Key. If you have an old ChatServer of Webzen, it got a very old key, so that makes problems using it with Season 6 for example, which uses a newer one. The ChatServer uses basically the same network encryption as the GameServer, so if you mix different versions which have different XOR-Keys, it doesn't work.
With this ChatServer you are able to configure the XOR-key, so you can make it work for more versions, at least up until Season 6.

If you find any bugs, please let them know. Preferably create a GitHub issue, but you can also leave a comment here or at the RaGEZONE-thread.

RaGEZONE: [MUnique] OpenMU ChatServer
Source and Documentation: GitHub Source
Compiled Binaries: GitHub Release

Have fun!